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july/august 2023

We are nearing the end of July and moving into august, meaning we have slept neath a buck moon (named after the month buck deer start to regrow their antlers) and are queuing up the sturgeon moon, due on 12th august

So, on account of this We asked around the shipwrecked lot for                   recommendations for this month and here are some top tips..



Deaks (by the sea/the shipbuilders) - the salesman by joseph oconnor
Sully (the shipbuilders) - listen to the land speak by manchan magan

Matty (the shipbuilders) - monolithic undertow by harry sword


Joe Gintis - know your station gouger nation!!! By jinx lennon

Kyle (cow/Gintis) - happening by launder

Matty (the shipbuilders) - days echoes by misha Panfilov sound combo



Anything we should be getting into? Let us know!

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