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shipwrecked all-dayer

june 10th


the shipbuilders

Purveyors of "gypsy-surf-noir" (BBC 6 Music's Chris Hawkins), creating "magical worlds" (Mojo magazine), this will be the last set the band play for some time, as they bunker down to finish their second album, working title 'This Blue Earth'

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Bitw aka Gruff ab Arwel has been a stalwart of the Welsh music scene for years, as part of Snowdonia's finest surf rockers Y Niwl, and has played in Gruff Rhys and H Hawkline's bands - but it's his solo stuff that makes us really excited.

His debut self-titled album was released in 2019 and is an instant classic.

Dreamy, surreal and decidedly Welsh, it's chock-a-block with hooks and melody and if you don't love it, we'll give you the money ourselves.

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stone club

What is Stone Club?

In their own words, Stone Club has been 'recreating prehistory since 2021', which as far as a manifesto goes, is pretty ace by us.

Founded by artists Lally MacBeth & Matthew Shaw, Stone Club was set up as a place for stone enthusiasts to congregate, to muse and most importantly to stomp to stones.

Stone Club believes the journey is as important as the destination and encourages people to pause and think about place in new ways; connecting ancient sites through community and conversation Stone Club aims to bring new perspectives to prehistory in a collaborative and inclusive way. 

They'll be spinning tunes and educating us on all things rock throughout the night - we're card carrying members of the Stone Club and would urge you all to do the same.

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Oliver James Lomax is a wonderful poet whose work has been described by no less than Shipwrecked hero Mark Thomas as "dancing with originality and are tenderly unafraid of love and belonging".

If that's not enough, 6Music's Tom Robinson has given him the mantle of "an unholy hybrid of John Cooper Clarke and Mark E. Smith" - gerrin!

Combining with The Northangerland, who set the poems to beautifully crafted musical arrangements and soundscapes, this will be an all consuming, transformative performance that we can't wait for.

The act released an album 'Working Class Love Poem' last year and you can hear it here:


dog daisies

Lancaster's finest - a personal recommendation from The Shipbuilders' Deaks, this one, so you know it's good.

Described as cinematic DIY indie-pop explorers from Lancaster and signed to Bingo records, the Daisies have been championed by, among others, BBC 6 Music's Marc Riley; file under 'for fans of Grandaddy, early Prefab Sprout and Guided by Voices'. COR!

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With a name like these, plus the fact their upcoming album is titled 'Love Letters From The Brink Of Socialism' and that their bio describes them as having "songs that speak of Cymru, light entertainers, hangovers, and a vehement hatred of both racists and Top Gear types..." we were never *not* going to love these, were we?!

We've been trying to get Big Unit on at a Shipwrecked for ages, and we're delighted to have them, in stripped back form for the all-dayer.

The Unit have recently released a single 'Cherry on an Ironing Board', which features what may be the lyric of the year - "take over the NHS, redistribute the health". YERSE!


baby brave

Pals of Shipwrecked, BB will be opening live proceedings with a pared back set, featuring tracks from their fantastic back catalogue of tunes that make the sound of Wrexham New Wave sound effortless.

radio shipwrecked international

Well this is going to be ace - something new for a Shipwrecked all-dayer!

For those of you who follow our Radio Shipwrecked International radio shows via Mixcloud or our Patreon, you'll know that we are keen to go digging in search of amazing music from around the globe.

Matty has done shows on music from Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti and more, but we're teaming up with our mates at the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Melodic Distraction and are going to do a very special LIVE episode of Radio Shipwrecked International, with Laura Marie Brown.

We'll be chatting about the amazing music coming out of the Arab world and - most importantly - playing tunes throughout the afternoon and early evening that will open your mind and free your hips!

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