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over on our patreon subscription site, members receive access to a host of benefits and goodies

from as little as £3 a month, you can gain access to bonus and extended radio shipwrecked shows, in addition to all episodes of any podcast such as 'so long, too long' a week early

subscribers also receive a monthly physical mixtape as part of our pirate radio shipwrecked scheme, which is a recording of a new mix every month, straight from an fm broadcast at club shipwrecked hq

for subscribers of the higher, full mast tier, you  will receive all of this, plus exclusive videos, guitar tutorials and bonus recordings of demos/alternative versions of songs from bands who fall under the shipwrecked shadow.


subscribers of this tier will also receive free or greatly reduced entry into any shows we put on and both tiers will have first access to any tickets

likewise, when our fanzine is printed, half mast subscribers will get it for half price, whilst full mast tiers will get it for free

all subscribers receive a membership card and badge and occasional merchandise


 all money received goes back into the project, letting us host events, websites and print merchandise

for more info and to sign up, head here

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