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radio free shipwrecked

An assortment of episodes that range from themed shows featuring Matty of The Shipbuilders, Carl of Gintis and top Shipwrecker Jordan Doyle, to specific topics such as deep dives into an artists' work and beyond. heavy on the nonsense and even more so on the top tunes

Playlist of all episodes:

episode  one - tops off for the ramones

episode  two - sounds like winter

episode  three - 2022? Completed it, mate

episode  four - new starts and b-sides

episode  five - a deep dive into gintis' 'hope is all we have' - part one

episode  six - our day out (part One)

episode  seven - a label of love - sarah records

episode  eight - stone club

episode  nine - jimmy campbell special

episode  ten - i  hear a new world - joe meek special

episode  eleven - radiooooo!

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